Sunday, October 18, 2009

Be Prepared: Have Stickers!

We've all been there--sitting in some bland waiting room, flipping through the random magazines. While skimming, you turn the page to an incredibly distgusting ad, purely objectivfying a woman. Your frustration and anger build into a steady steam, until you realize you can fight back. You reach into your purse and take out...a sticker!

As a rule, everyone should carry at least a few on them at all times, just in case! Now you can for $3.95 from, a $2.00 6 mini-sheet from, or even a 2 for $1.00 deal from

Runners-Up (another sticker from, a button from

Now all you have to do is put it to good use!


We Need More Ads Like These...

Believe me when I say you and I both have seen enough ads that demean women to last us a dozen lifetimes. From condoms to decks, shoes to beer, there's no shame in using a woman as meat. That's why it was so refreshing to come upon these clever Eram (French shoe company) ads! I think I'd like to see more companies utilize their theme, to sell the actual product and not the women.  Approx French translation:“No women’s bodies were exploited in this ad.

LDS Perspective on Paul

I strangely enough stumbled upon this website article about the Apostle Paul and his attributed anti-women doctrine. Interestingly enough, this perspective comes from a LDS (Mormon) website. An interesting and surprisingly informative piece, it doesn't preach or reach out with an overly religious attitude. Check it out, and feel free to comment your response...

Paul: Apostle, Mysogynist?

Rate Your Wife 1939 Style

Hmmm...I like how it says at least (5) demerits for flirting with other men, then another (5) for being jealous or suspicious...seems to me like a little bit of a double standard there, although that's not even the worst of it!

Take Back the Night 2009!


12pm noon @ Sharwan Smith Rotunda - Gain a broader perspective by participating in Walk-a-Mile where men don high heels and walk the proverbial mile.Through humor and comradery, Walk-a-Mile physically demonstrates the old adage, "You don't know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes." Geared toward the men, it invites them to actively participate in ending violence against women. Pledge $5/lap for yourself or any participant, and the money will be donated to the Erin Kimball Memorial Foundation to purchase housing for abuse victims. Women are invited to walk, too, but in comfortable shoes!


6pm @ PE Martial Arts Room - Wear your most flexible work-out attire and get ready to bust some balls! Learn self-defense designed specifically for women from a trained USMC professional.


6:30pm @ Cedar Housing - Meet together at the new campus housing and march down Main St at dusk
7:15pm @ Sharwan Smith Living Room - Everyone will gather together for out Speak-Out and open mic session after the march. With live music, inspirational speakers, stories, and testimonials, it will be a powerful experience.

Here's more information from the Take Back the Night website:
From the late 1970's through present day, Take Back The Night events have been held by college and university women's centers, YWCA's, rape crisis centers, community centers, high school student groups, battered women's shelters, and other organizations dedicated to helping women achieve safety and empowerment. Events have been held in England, Belgium, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, the United States, and likely other corners of the globe.
 Local campus organizations band together with FEMS to bring this amazing event on campus. Take Back the Night is a national event about raising awareness of violence against women and sexual assault, a world-wide epidemic. Usually starting with a march at dusk, a Speak-Out session is held with live music, inspirational speakers, and testimonials. Also, usually several coinciding events are held during the week of TBTN (Walk-a-Mile, Self-Defense classes).

FEMS Constitution

Download PDF 

The Constitution of the Feminist Education and Motivation Society
Southern Utah University
June 13, 2007

·        Preamble
o   Listing
o   Requirements
o   Eligibility
o   Officer Meetings
o   Summer
o   Membership Fees
o   Club Funds


            We, the members of Feminist Education and Motivation Society, establish to provide the promotion and education of women's interests and issues at all levels; the campus community, locally and nationally through outreach efforts, do ordain and establish this constitution and subscribe to the regulations and polices of the University.


            The name of this organization shall be Feminist Education and Motivation Society, hereafter referred to as FEMS.

            The purpose of this organization shall be to promote women’s issues and interests through education and motivation both locally and nationally.


                FEMS exists to support and empower women to be the strongest, most educated, soulful individuals they can be through friendship building and community outreach.


            All students, faculty, and staff members are eligible for membership.  FEMS openly admits individuals to its membership regardless of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, martial status, personal appearance, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical or mental disabilities, religious ideals, or on the basis of rights secured by the First Amendment of the United States of America’s Constitution.  The group sees all as equal beings and all are welcome to participate in all aspects of FEMS, with expectation to the possibility of a all female cast for the Feminist production, which is yet to be determined.  

            On the subject of Membership Dues, members will be charged a small fee at the beginning of semesters, which with cover for organizational appeal and group costs. 


FEMS will have the following officers:
  • President
    • Ideally a second year member, the President presides over the agenda topics, is present for all meetings, and calls to order the meetings.  President is also responsible to attend SUU’s Monthly Report meetings for club representatives and to submit merit money forms punctually. President should also hold a master copy of all documents and records affiliated with FEMS, digital or otherwise.
  • Vice President
    • Ideally a second year member or one will experience and dedication in this field, the Vice President is present for all meetings and will presided over and call to order meetings missed by the President. Vice President is encouraged to attend SUU’s Monthly Report meetings for club representatives and to submit merit money forms upon request.
  • Treasurer
    • After deemed responsible in the important duty of handling of club funds, the Treasurer is in charge of the dues collection and any and all fiscal accounts tied to FEMS. Also a Treasurer’s report will be made for each month. In the event there is no Treasurer, President will take over previously dictated Treasurer duties.
  • Secretary
    • The Secretary position will be in charge of the meeting minutes, roll-call, previous meeting minutes, member information, contact information, and will also have the tasks of knowing the laws and by-laws of the organization and other organizations when and if needed. In the event there is no Secretary, Vice President will take over previously dictated Secretary duties.
  • Historian
    • Historian shall be responsible for all past documents and records related to club events and activities, including but not limited to, photos, fliers, articles, newspapers, and electronic files stored on a designated FEMS portable storage device. In the event there is no Historian, the Secretary will take over previously dictated Historian duties.
  • Publicity and/or Liaison
    • Is in charge of all publicity needs from and of the group, as well as networking towards other organizations on and off campus.  Must have strong connections and ties to groups on campus (such as the newspaper, radio, TV channel), and also willing to outreach to organizations not located on campus.

Requirements to Maintain Officership-

·         Must have 90% attendance to all FEMS regular meetings and events
·         Must have 90% attendance to the required Officer’s meeting
·         Must complete responsibilities outlined in this Constitution as well as further requested actions necessary to uphold FEMS events, club standing, or meetings.


Anyone who wishes to apply for a board position must be
  • A SUU Student
  • A second year member (ideally) for the President and Vice-President positions
  • Understand that if elected this is a Academic Year term

Elections will be held the first week of April. All members will receive one vote. In the event of a tie, it is possible for two persons to become joint-officers and share responsibilities of that officership.


Elections will be held every year during the first week of April. Anyone who feels they have met the requirements and would be a good candidate has the power and right to self-nominate themselves or has the power to nominate someone else who satisfies the requirements.  Those nominated then must accept or deny the nomination. They also have the right, and should, explain briefly why they would be a great candidate.  Elections may be electronically cast.


Meeting will be head on a weekly or bi-weekly basis upon which the day and time each semester will be decided on as a group to try to accommodate as many members as possible. President must be able to attend all meetings.

Officer Meetings-

Officers meetings will be held on a monthly basis as a means to achieve consistency, task completion, idea formulation, and teamwork building. All members of the board are required to attend unless extreme circumstances prevent attendance.  Advisors are encouraged to attend as well.


At least one meeting prior to the beginning of the new academic and elective term, the newly elected President and previous FEMS President are required to meet in order to accommodate the transfer of important club information, records, and property. The new President in highly encouraged to ask questions and receive advice from the previous Presidency. Summer meetings between the newly elected Boards are highly encouraged in order to secure an organized organization, provide unity and re-acquaintance of Board members, and provide smoothly functioning start of the new academic year. Summer meetings for members are not required.


Membership Fee-

There will be a set due for participating in the organization of FEMS. These dues will be: $5.00 per semester, or $10.00 for the academic year. Membership dues will be paid by all members one month after the beginning of the semester (by October for Fall or February for Spring) or whenever a new individual joins. 

Club Funds-

Funds may be accumulated through club dues, fundraisers, donations, or sales events. Funds will be used towards group appeal, a welcome party, end-of-year party, future fundraisers, future events, donations, and the supplies thereof.  All funds taken from the FEMS account must be reviewed by Officers during Officer Meetings. At any time a club member may ask to see the financial report or submit input on the direction of spending needs for the club. 


The constitution is binding to all members of FEMS; however, the constitution is not binding unto itself.

Amendments to the constitution may be proposed in writing by any voting member to FEMS at any meeting at which 2/3 of the voting party is present.